Anyone else finding themselves saying the phrase, “This is the worst my allergies have ever been”? Me too! Here’s a silly little doodle of a poem I wrote to help us cope. Hope you can enjoy!
Which means you might relate. So maybe I don’t wish you to enjoy. Hrm🤔


Another pill,
Another day,
My allergies never
Go away.

What itchy eyes.
What watery nose.
A headache running
To my toes.

The blossoms bloom.
The mowers mow.
The children make
A wish and blow.

A crisp Spring day
And I want bed,
To wrap ten blankets
Round my head.

The sun shall shine,
The birds shall sing,
And I won’t see
a single thing.

I’m swimming in
A pool of tissue.
Eyes open seems
To be an issue.

I’ve tried inhalers,
saline solution.
Denial’s not
A resolution.

I wish for
pollen season done,
So I may cartwheel
In the sun.

Oh, I’ll just take,
a little nap,
And when I’m done,
enough this crap.

By Christina Maldia

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