I am lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful people that help cheer me on (when I have forgotten I needed cheering) and support my creativity as an artist, (in which we are all artists).

What’s even more special is that I have the dearest of friends in which we exchange our experiences in spiritual and intellectual growth. As a yoga teacher and lover of yoga practice, I absolutely glow when someone sends me text or FB message saying “Hey, I went to Yoga today!”, or “Hey, I saw this video that reminded me of you and your daughter doing yoga!” or “Hey! I got into crow pose today!”

Today I enjoyed sharing my exciting discovery through text, with a friend that I trust my heart with and consider a sister. Whenever I enjoy an epiphany I share it will her because frankly I trust her enough let her babysit my heart for a day. I share this exchange with you because I feel this is one of the most important aspects of yoga, (if not the most important, only because nothing is absolute in yoga and we can not limit it’s lessons to one thing).

This was the exchange!

Text from me to her:
“My lunch was… yum!!!!!
You have to try this! (Picture of stuffed avocado with, chopped tomatoes, onions, melted cheddar and chives!)

So, I’m reading Hatha Yoga Pradipika and I think you will love this book. Anyway, there are some things I would love to share with you.
Like. . . as we know yoga is partially for calming of the mind and for bringing ourselves into a “supreme state of being”. To connect us with the universal spirit. To bring us from dark to light, ignorance to reality.

What stops us is that which blocks us in the mind. Our mind has to know what we are capable of and if it doesn’t it will stop us from propelling forward. We have to practice Japa (repetition) of positive thinking to ourselves instead of Japa negative thinking.

So, when you feel you understand what I mean, I ask that the next time you go to do a yoga pose, (do it now), you ignore your limitations as a hindrance to move deeper into your practice, i.e.: screaming pain in the hips that makes you want to stop now, or fear that you will topple over. You won’t when you let yourself know that you won’t.

Instead realize that this is just a mental block in the mind that you are working to remove. Don’t think of the pain but live through it to move past what is blocking you.

To sum up, what I learned is that practice of Asana only prepares us for a higher state of being. That in which we would already have if we did not give ourselves mental limitations. But conquering Asana is not in fact the higher state of being. Just a tool to help prepare the mind through the body. And it’s dang fun!

It’s funny, you know that, I know it, but it’s important to repeat. ”

Her response was that she is amazed how connected we are because she was just watching a yoga video on Gaia that said just this! Also, that toppling over makes her laugh and she knows she is “getting stronger with each practice.” (Side note, she is a beautiful poetess, lover of the arts, lover of laughter and spiritual growth!)

How great is she! PS: always laugh when you “topple over”. It’s fun and funny!
The world and human nature is complex thing for one person to wrap their head around by themselves. Realizing that human beings and all living things are all interwoven together in this intricate, delicate, powerful, quilt of the universe and that our actions affect one another because of the innate cosmic force that lies within us, can help us be better humans to ourselves, to others, and to the living, breathing earth.

I wish you all love and happiness as you soar throughout this lifetime and on this May Fourth day,
“May the (cosmic) force be with you!”


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