Allergy Season is officially the worst!

Anyone else finding themselves saying the phrase, “This is the worst my allergies have ever been”? Me too! Here’s a silly little doodle of a poem I wrote to help us cope. Hope you can enjoy! Which means you might relate. So maybe I don’t wish you to enjoy. Hrmūü§Ē...Read more

May the fourth be with you! 

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful people that help cheer me on (when I have forgotten I needed cheering) and support my creativity as an artist, (in which we are all artists). What’s even more special is that I have the dearest of friends in which we...Read more

The picture of Desiree. . .

Heavily lashed eyes painted with the absence of light. Her hair was the color of the the raven.¬†Organized strands, pressed against her scalp, pulled together with a “color of the day scrunchy”, while the fluff of her wavy black hair splayed from the gathered fabric, bouncing proudly as she walked,...Read more

Outside Validation

  I know what I don’t want, and I don’t want it now.¬†Outside validation. The act of measuring ones self worth on the opinions of outside sources. The need to hear from friends and family that you’re a good person: you’re smart, you’re talented, you’re creative and well. . ....Read more

An Unintended Poem

I have a fear. Fear that if for the slightest moment I show any signs of happiness, Right now, While I’m writing this blog entry. . . If the corner of my lips should dare to spread themselves, In an upward and outward motion, Moving in the opposite directions from...Read more

Verification Words

You are a mystery to me. Every time things are going well, I’m so close to getting my figurative foot in the door, you pop up, Stopping me in my tracks. Frustrating me over the tiniest of mistakes. A misunderstood letter, A missed blank space. What exactly is your point?...Read more